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Average Joe newsletter review where we discussed everything you need to know about this newsletter including the pros and cons, the structure of the newsletter, and who is behind this newsletter.


  • Accessible and easy to understand
  •  Engaging and witty writing style
  •  Informative and insightful
  •  Concise and time-efficient
  •  Free to access


  • May lack in-depth analysis
  • Can be opinionated
  • Limited personalization options

Average Joe Newsletter is a free investment newsletter that tries to make financial news interesting, straightforward, and concise. Published by "The Average Joe," it is read by more than 250,000 investors. The newsletter is well-known for its simple layout that covers analysis, market trends, and insights, often spiced up with comedy and memes to keep the material interesting. It only takes five minutes to read each issue, so it's easy for new buyers and people who want a quick look at the market to get started. 

In this review, we will talk all about the Average Joe Newsletter, who this is for, who will benefit the most, what to expect, and many more. So, let’s begin! 

What is the Average Joe Newsletter?

Average Joe is a popular free investment newsletter that tries to make market trends and financial news interesting and approachable for everyone, regardless of investing knowledge. It offers brief, educational explanations of the biggest financial events of the day, delivered in a witty and humorous tone that makes even difficult subjects understandable.

Topics covered by the newsletter include stock market movements, economic news, corporate analysis, and investing techniques. For readers to better understand important data points, it also includes aesthetically pleasing charts and graphs. Average Joe gives readers the ability to make wise investing decisions and remain ahead of the curve by simplifying complicated financial concepts into a plaything.

With over 250,000 subscribers, Average Joe is a popular resource for both beginner and seasoned investors. So, if you want to keep up with the latest news and learn about the markets, you know where to subscribe. 

Key Features of the Average Joe Newsletter

There are many key features of the Average Joe newsletter that help investors make wise decisions. Some of them are: 

  • Market Insights, Trends, and Analysis: Keeps subscribers updated on the newest happenings in the financial industry.
  • Short and Fun Format: Provides information in an understandable and simple manner, even for beginners.
  • Humor and Visuals: Uses comedy and images to humanize and captivate difficult financial ideas.
  • Community and Accessibility: Free to access, it promotes a feeling of community via reader participation and interaction.
  • Economic News: Provides analysis of more general economic patterns, both national and international, and discusses how they could impact your portfolio of investments.
  • Rapid Growth and Popularity: With its 2020 debut, the Average Joe Newsletter has quickly expanded to over 250,000 subscribers, which speaks to its success in providing insightful and interesting material.

Crew of Average Joe Newsletter

  • Founder: Victor Lei
  • Sales: Jerry Chen
  • Content: Noah Weidner
  • Operations: Karen Anne Quiambao
  • Writer: Rhea Lobo
  • Writer: A.M. Steinbach 

Why Does It Stand Out?

Financial news readers choose the Average Joe Newsletter because it stands out in a few important ways. A few of the main things that make it stand out are listed below:

1. Engaging and Entertaining Content

The Average Joe Newsletter keeps readers interested with comedy, memes, and a conversational tone, unlike many other financial publications that may be dull and too technical. Particularly for those who may find conventional financial material frightening, this method makes financial news more approachable and entertaining. 

2. Concise and Informative

With its brief but thorough summary of market trends, observations, and analysis, the newsletter may be read in under five minutes. For time-pressed people who want to keep informed without spending too much time reading long articles, this brevity is perfect. 

3. Educational Focus

The Average Joe Newsletter seeks to educate its readers beyond just reporting news. For new investors, simplifying difficult financial ideas makes them understandable. Readers who benefit from this instructive feature improve their investing and financial literacy. 

4. Community-Oriented Approach

The Average Joe Newsletter is a part of a larger community and resource-rich platform. This community feature makes the newsletter even more valuable overall by creating a friendly atmosphere where readers can learn and develop together. 

5. Rapid Growth and Popularity

With a small list of friends and relatives when it first started in 2020, the Average Joe Newsletter has rapidly expanded to over 250,000 subscribers. This quick expansion highlights how appealing and successful the newsletter is in providing important information. 

6. Free Subscription Model

There are no financial obstacles to seeing the newsletter since it is totally free. This spares a larger audience from paying for subscriptions and lets them make use of its knowledge and instruction.

Who Is the Average Joe Newsletter For?

The Average Joe Newsletter is designed to accommodate a wide range of readers, especially those who wish to be abreast of the financial markets but with brief, exciting, and understandable content. Consider these as the major target groups who would find this newsletter useful:

1. Beginner Investors

The newsletter targets first-time investors in the financial market. It includes simple explanations and learning materials that crack some complex issues of finance so they can be easily understood by everyone. This allows newbies to establish a solid ground for their investment understanding, which will enable them to make informed decisions and have a correct foot when starting off in investing.

2. Busy Professionals

The Average Joe Newsletter provides an instant yet comprehensive view of trends and insights for people whose schedules are tight up with various activities. A typical edition can take about five minutes to read, thus making it ideal for busy professionals who want to keep up with financial news updates but do not have much time to spare. This quick information delivery helps readers stay informed and make prompt investment choices.

3. Casual Readers

Even those not necessarily into investments but still like being informed about the current financial happenings can comfortably go through engagingly written Average Joe newsletters. The use of jokes, memes, and conversational style is meant to demystify finance terms, hence making them more relatable and interesting. By doing this, casual readers can stay connected without struggling with technical language overload.

4. Intermediate Investors

Also worth mentioning are investors who would like to know what’s happening in the stock market because they, too, need something from this newsletter. To assist intermediate investors in honing their plans and making wise choices, the Average Joe Newsletter offers current research and points out new prospects. The newsletter keeps its audience updated on relevant material that enables action; hence, it serves as an important source for individuals interested in advancing their knowledge base and skills.

5. Financial Enthusiasts

Regardless of whether one is investing or not, any person who has an interest in the financial market will find this newsletter useful as it includes such a broad range of issues and topics. Therefore, this makes it a valuable source of information for enthusiasts who want to keep up to date on what is happening in the market.

6. Community-Oriented Learners

The Average Joe Newsletter itself is part of a larger platform that promotes community among its readers. This community-building approach also offers additional resources like articles and educational materials to facilitate ongoing learning. The Average Joe Newsletter creates a supportive and engaging community for those who prefer studying together with others and finding like-minded people with whom they can share their experiences or knowledge.

Is Average Joe Newsletter Free or Paid? 

The Average Joe newsletter is completely free to subscribe to and receive. There are no hidden fees or premium subscription options at this time. Just by giving your email address, you can get daily market views, stock analysis, and educational material that is fun and easy to understand. Because of its free access, it is a great option for both novice investors just starting out in the market and seasoned investors looking for a new angle on market developments.

My Own Experience Reading The Average Joe Newsletter

For someone like me, who has a lifelong fascination with the stock market but finds financial news boring and intimidating, the Average Joe newsletter is like a breath of fresh air. When I subscribed to it, it was like having an experienced friend explain complicated market events in a way that was fun to listen to.

I also like how well they are able to summarize the biggest financial events of the day into brief descriptions that are packed with clever analysis and sympathetic comparisons. It's kind of like downloading the mood of the market quickly without having to go through pages of technical studies.

While brief, their stock analysis is very perceptive. They help me make better judgments about my investments by slicing through the clutter and highlighting the important elements that might affect a company's success. Plus, they have a knack for making even the most boring economic news stories fascinating by incorporating pop culture references.

For me personally, the Average Joe newsletter has changed everything. It has given me the courage to choose my own investments and made studying the stock market enjoyable and approachable. I strongly advise trying the Average Joe if you're searching for a financial newsletter that's interesting, educational, and surprisingly free of jargon.


How often is the Average Joe Newsletter published?

4 times a week, the newsletter is published to provide frequent updates on market trends and financial news.

Is the Average Joe Newsletter free?

Yes, the Average Joe Newsletter is entirely free, making it affordable to many people without costing anything.

What kind of content can I expect in the Average Joe Newsletter?

Expectations from the average Joe newsletter include market insights, meme moments, analysis, and education. It usually carries humor, memes, and a conversational tone in order to keep it interesting. Topics covered are quite broad in terms of finance; thus, readers will be informed about different aspects of the financial world.

How can I subscribe to the Average Joe Newsletter?

You can subscribe to The Average Joe newsletter by visiting their website here and then entering your email address.

How long does it take to read each issue of the newsletter?

Each issue of The Average Joe newsletter has been designed to be read within approximately 4 minutes, making it perfect for busy individuals who want to keep up with things but do not have much time.

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